Working sessions 1:1 & mentoring
—with fellow developers

Project responsabilities:

  1. Assess UI issues and/or needed updates.
  2. Elaborate solution/fix. Produce deliverables needed, both graphic and code, if any.
  3. Encourage an atomic design methodology, reinforce brand consistency, and provide guidance about best practices to get the most out of Bootstrap Framework.
  4. Mentor and walk the developer through the implementation process at their local branch during a 1:1 working session.
  5. Reviewing and validating the outcome once deployed on QA server to move to next item.


A SaaS startup formerly known as VCP, specialized in the wellness enablement through payments field, is acquired by Covetrus in June 2021 to become an addition to their Global Animal-Health Technology and Services portfolio.


I joined the “VCP Platforms Development Team” as their sole UX/UI Designer a couple of months after the acquisition.

The immediate team I worked with consisted of 6 developers, 3 QAs, and our VP who was the founding developer of the product. I also had the opportunity to collaborate with other product divisions and participate in brainstorming sessions with UXers from other teams.

In addition to the usual responsibilities attached to my role, I had the chance to go above and beyond by drawing on my versatility and extensive development experience with Bootstrap Framework in order to mentor developers.